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New ISO Rating for Lincoln County

Effective December 1, 2017 Lincoln County will have a new ISO (Insurance Services Organization) rating of 6/10 (six/ten). This rating means that if you live within five (5) road miles of one of the fire stations your insurance rating will carry a six (6). This is a major change from the current 7/7X (seven/ seven X) for the homes located with this allotted distance. If you live outside of the mandated five (5) road miles your insurance will be a ten (10), which is no change from the current rating. We are currently working with ISO to see what can be done to improve our rating for those who fall into the ten (10) rating and also trying to improve our county rating hopefully to a five (5). The next ISO study for Lincoln County will be in 2022.
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Is Your Drive or Home Adequately Marked? 

Is your home/ driveway adequately marked so emergency services can reach you in a timely manner? I’ve heard people say, “I don’t want folks to know where I live.” Well, what if you need emergency services (EMS, fire, sheriff)? If it’s dark and/or foggy, it’s hard to find places…Blanche Volunteer Fire can help….

We can make a reflective sign to mark your entrance, mailbox, etc. The picture shows the colors available. The cost is $25 per sign, and the sign will have numbers on both sides.

If you are interested please contact any of the folks with Blanche Fire and someone will get you fixed up with a sign.

It may just help you in your time of need…“Seconds can save lives”
AND… we will make signs for ANYONE! Just reach out to us!
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